I think as business marketers, all of us know that the best way to be successful in business selling is to be present where the audience is. In this new world of social media marketing some of our clients found that place to be Pinterest. Due to its popularity among the women’s, it has become the first choice of marketers of fashion products, beauty products and food products. But, now over the years it has become neutral and getting popular with men’s also.


Pinterest is a visual images platform founded in 2010. Users can upload and share images and multimedia on it. It is very useful platform to organize things like, photos, gifs, videos and more. In very short time Pinterest has become incredibly popular social media platform especially for e-commerce brands.


Have a look at some pointers how Pinterest has become popular in short time,


* Up to date Pinterest has over 100 million active users.


* More than 83% of users prefer to follow a popular brand than a popular celebrity. [ Ref. by. www.ahalogy.com ]


* 31% of US people on internet users are on Pinterest. Out of those internet users 44% of women online use the site, compared with 16% of men online. [ Ref.: http://www.pewinternet.org/2015/08/19/the-demographics-of-social-media-users/]


* Now not only female, but men are the also fastest growing u onsets Pinterest, 64% of current male users have joined Pinterest the past year. [ Ref. by. www.ahalogy.com ]


* Out of 67% of active Pinterest users and 86% of daily users have used Pinterest and they have shopped to buy something they have pinned from Pinterest. As today, smartphones are popular and have 75% mobile users of Pinterest. [ Ref. by. www.ahalogy.com ]


Fundamental Steps to showcase men’s style on Pinterest :


  1. Make Eye-Catching Images to Get Noticed


If you want to impress your buyers, your first impression is a good product image. Create some attractive images so that users get impressed and want to buy products.


  1. All Images Must be Available on Your Website


You should make sure that every item photograph should speak to on a point should be available on your website. It makes easy for a buyer to buy products directly which they have liked.


  1. Optimize All Images with Proper Keywords and Descriptions


All images which are to be put on Pinterest boards should be well optimized with proper descriptions and keywords. It will help them to get found easily.


  1. Completely Accommodate the Female Consumer


This implies regardless of the possibility that you only offer male-arranged items you should tailor the message to the overwhelming group of people found on Pinterest. For instance, and not “Emerge from the group with our line of spotted ties and beautiful cufflinks” you may post “Ensure that the person in your life emerges from the group with our line of spotted ties and beautiful cufflinks”. As female users are more on Pinterest, it is important to accommodate them.


  1. Season Your Product Pitch


Clients react extremely well brands that stay update with current trends, which implies that your business must adjust to every passing season with suitable and drawing in symbolism. You will need to take after these social media content advertising rules for the key seasons as they apply to Pinterest. This includes redoing your profile photograph (e.g. utilizing a fun “snow-topped” logo in the winter), making occasion themed Pinterest sheets (e.g. Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids, and so forth… ), and dispatching Pinterest offers and marketing one of a kind to the current season.


  1. Use Rich Pins’ Product Pins


Rich pins append extra item facts to the photograph of your item, without requiring extra exertion from clients to view it. This data can join things, such as, value, brand/retailer name, and where precisely obtained.


  1. Draw in Your Existing and Prospective Pinterest Followers


Regularly update your Pinterest boards so your followers and new people also stay update on your products and can get converted to buyers.


  1. Track Progress and Make Adjustments Using Pinterest Analytics


You can get regular update on how you are pins doing, their reach and clicks they get. Monitor Pinterest analytics for this sort of data.


How Pinterest has worked for some brands?


For a glance at what a few brands are now doing on Pinterest, look at some of these. They might inspire some of you,


  1. West Elm – The furniture brand posts pictures of different rooms — rooms, bathrooms and kitchens — to move the inside fashioned in you. By showering you with excellent homes, it makes them consider settling … without taking an obviously deals y approach.


  1. G.A.P. – The style organization stretches the limits and goes a bit into special domain. It’s Holiday Gift Guide board is a gathering of flawlessly outlined promotions with advertising. What’s more, there’s a board committed to people wearing Gap, from Gap models like Amy Poehler and Will Arnett.


  1. Etsy – When your site is a commercial center for creative and charming merchandise, Pinterest is your interpersonal organization perfect partner. The brand pins pictures of “handcrafted weddings, stylish, gifts and decorating tips.


  1. Rent the Runway – The style rental site puts its Pinterest boards into events like. fall wedding, dancing party, New Year’s Eve and every board has that specific occasion to help you get propelled and carry out a suitable look.


  1. Birchbox – The beauty membership services pins close-ups of made-up hair, eyes, lips and painted nails to show different looks that can be made with cosmetics. There’s likewise a board gave to nourishment, since a young woman needs to eat.


6 Modcloth – The e-commerce site offers attire, however its Pinterest page looks more like a profound jump into vintage-cherishing author Susan Gregg Koger’s psyche. There are retro pictures, DIY specialties and home stylistic theme sheets, which basically make the Modcloth page a go-to for any thrift-store customer.


7.Chobani – The yogurt brand has forcefully promoted on online networking destinations, and Pinterest is no exemption. There’s a board for treats made with yogurt, formulas that can use Chobani rather than different fixings.


8 AMD – The tech organization ministers sheets for a geek’s life — there are idiosyncratic contraptions, innovative translations of the PC mouse, charming tablet sacks and pictures of PC workstations.


I have listed only few of successful business brands on Pinterest, but there are many to be found. If you want to be one of them, just get started with Pinterest.