Small business owners make huge efforts when it comes to Windows desktop software and desktop applications, sometimes for testing and other times for running applications to have their business up and running. Developing and running these applications years ago required Windows servers within their offices or a hosted dedicated server. The cost of network infrastructure, IT management, and server hardware within an office can be very high, and small business or startups can’t handle the onetime setup expenses plus the monthly maintenance cost and fees. It will drain all the small business’s profits and capital, and the business won’t sustain itself any longer.

Is There a Better way for Small Businesses?

There is a better and cheaper option than hosted dedicated servers and in office hosting. You can get a cheap VPS from a provider like EcoVPS who offers Windows OS options so that you can save money. Most Windows hosting providers allow business to have the same control as with dedicated solution but at low cost. How amazing is that? Imagine getting a service at a low cost that other company sells the same service at high cost. It’s a big save for small businesses.


By converting existing hosted dedicated or office servers into Windows Virtual Private Server, business will benefit with a reduction in operational cost like power, office space, higher cost of dedicated hardware and management, etc.

Windows VPS hosting companies using Microsoft’s Hyper-V technology like Reseller Choice provide a versatile and an efficient solution. This advanced technology is the same as that of hosted dedicated server solution at low cost. It enables the small business to have the same level of control by use of remote desktop, complete OS access, and OS selection and provides full administrative access.

VPS is similar to hosted dedicated server in many ways but uses shared hardware. Therefore the prices go down making it an effective solution for small businesses looking to have private networks, deploy load balanced, diverse applications or complete virtual clusters without the huge cost of dedicated hardware. Even though the hardware is shared, you get your share of available resource that is enough for your website. You can always but the size of resource that you want.

VPS Hosting Solution’s Technology

The system created by Windows uses partition isolation to separate sections of a server. There is only one root partition on Windows Server 2008, but the Hyper – V technology will let the server to develop child partitions. The child partitions act as different servers but run off one server. The partitions created doesn’t have direct access to the hardware. These partitions just get a view of the hardware.

The Hyper-V feature of Windows Server 2008 has been talked about in IT circles and labeled a contender in a world that was once powered by Linux and VMware.

In a small business world, it’s important to reduce cost just as it is important to increase profits. A Windows VPS solutions like Reseller choice VPS Plans, help businesses to see an improvement in the profitability and efficiency. Switching to a Windows VPS hosting plan doesn’t involve huge upfront cost and is usually simple.

VPS solution changes how small businesses do business.