The video game is probably the best service, the field of computer science has done it for us. It is truly a real relaxing experience to play games after coming back from a heavy job or school work. There is not a single person on the face of Earth who has never played a video game the amazing spider man 2 apk. The video game market is seriously huge but not all video games make a profit in it. No doubt this market is hard as comparable to others and is a tough nut to crack because of the competition and saturation. There is a lot of saturation in this market due to the presence of many game development companies who are developing video games. Not all of them are delivering awesome games. Only a few of them are able to deliver a real flawless product hence the competition is too hard from the companies who are delivering quality products. And saturation is also too much there in this market, there are tons of game development companies already present in the market. Only a few of them are the real players the other find it too hard to even crack. And on an estimate, there are many companies springing up every week. Hence increasing the competition more and more.

Even though competition is too hard but even then the market is not that too difficult to enter. If you believe in yourself and you are confident that your idea is a second to none, then you must enter this market and try your luck. Believe me, any game who was of good quality never failed in the market. So if you think your quality is of that level, you must try to crack this extremely hard nut. The positive thing in this market that the number of players is increasing day by day and there is no problem of fewer customers. Customers are also good at paying and they always pay for a quality product. That’s why even with a lot of saturation many companies are still making a significant profit. Because video game players are too much addicted to their games, and to open the locked features of the game they are always ready to pay as much as you want but the main thing is that your game’s quality should be very high.

Let’s take a look at one game who got incredible success. The name of this game is “Scribblenauts”. The game was released in 2009 and has now left a proud legacy that should be followed by other games. The game belonged to the niche of puzzle games having a little amount of action packed in them. This masterpiece was developed by 5th cell and published by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment for the Nintendo DS. The game was released on the market in 2009. Initially, it was released for Nintendo DS. Following its success on the Nintendo DS, the game was later released for some other platforms too. The game received a mixed number of reviews by different platforms. But the average of these reviews clearly outlines the fact that no doubt this game was a true success and his legacy should be followed by other games to come.