With a universal reputation of being the ultimate playground for rich and famous people, Dubai has grown to be a very important destination, both for business and pleasure. Most of the best hotels in Dubai come in uniquely flamboyant 5-star styles, with beach resorts and high-rise accommodation. Expect some indulgent pampering in the spas, luxurious suites, glittering chandeliers along with all the modern amenities. Nevertheless, while Dubai is not necessarily known for its budget-friendliness, there are some cheap hotels also available here that guarantee a comfy stay.

JW Marriot Marquis

One of the best hotels in Dubai and also the tallest pure hotel in the world, you can basically wake up in the clouds since the top floor towers over 1,150ft above the ground. What makes the Marquis very charming is the fact that it avoids the trademark extravagance that is associated with Dubai hotels, in favor of elegance. This particular hotel in Dubai features 1,608 rooms that are divided into two towers, which are designed to look like a palm tree. Ask for the rooms high up if you want to get amazing views.

Atlantis the Palm

The Palm is yet another impressive hotel in Dubai that is located on the world’s largest artificial archipelagos. It houses 15 top notch restaurants, its own waterpark and a large fish tank that contains over 10 million liters of seawater, which is home to 65,000 unique marine animals. While it is not one of the cheap hotels in the area, you will appreciate its splendor and the extravagance of the design.

Burj Al Arab

The world’s top seven-star hotel that is uniquely shaped in the form of a sail, the Burj Al Arab is one of the popular and best hotels in Dubai. It is constructed on an artificial island around 280m offshore, and at 321m tall, it is the 4th tallest hotel ever created. The major attractions here include Al Mahara, which is a seafood restaurant complete with a huge aquarium. All things considered, this is a very impressive hotel.

JumeirahCreekside Hotel

This is a new hotel in Dubai, and it is rather impressive. It has well furnished rooms and deluxe suites, several decent restaurants. Besides being one of the cheap hotels on this list, you will also benefit from the fact that it runs a unique arts and culture program. There are lots of fun and adventures to be enjoyed here.


Armani Hotel Dubai


Located on the first floor up to the eighth floor of the tallest building in the world, Burj Khalifa, it is the first hotel created by Giorgio Armani. The fashion kingpin personally watched over every single part of its distinctive design, ranging from the interior design to the cutlery. You will not be disappointed here.
Regardless of which hotel in Dubai you choose to stay in, this is a vibrant and multicultural city that will leave you speechless with the plenty of available entertainment and relaxation options.